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Operation Time Travel Rescue
Part of the Timeline of PewDiePie in Minecraft, Military Conflicts within MINECRAFT EPIC and MINECRAFT EPIC
Date November 5, 2019
Location Flag of Broland.pngBroland
  • Felix travels back in time to save his friends
Result PewDiePie Victory
Commanders and Leaders
Casualties and losses
  • None

Operation Time Travel Rescue was an event that happens within the 36th episode of MINECRAFT EPIC. Here PewDiePie meet Feigii at the top of the new Ikea Tower where he tells him to plant 20,000,000 trees. (Although he planted less than 100 trees, and he straight up cut the leaves of the trees). Afterwards Pewdiepie returns and Feigii reveals to "Just go back my old save file". In doing so Pewdiepie goes back in time and successfully rescues Sven (dog), Svenson, Bengt, and Dark Joergen from the Ikea Tower Explosion by killing the Beetroot assassin before he has a chance to ignite the TNT. He also manages to rescue Ulla Britta from the Council of Beetroot who had managed to kidnap her. Following these events the surviving animals through a party for PewDiePie's 30th birthday.