"Peaceful Pianos 18" is a song which seemingly plays in the video "BEETHOVEN SIMULATOR".[1]


In a Reddit thread titled "Classical music used by pewdiepie", user LeChami4y wrote:

What is the title of the piece at 1:50 and 5:39 when the screen goes in Black & White. Many have tried to guess in the youtube comments but couldn't succeed. It is not Moonlight Sonata, and we would really appreciate if you could help us.[2]

In a deleted Reddit thread, a user replied:

Someone in the comments said that it was "Peaceful Pianos 18" by Martin Klem -- -- and that seems to be true. (Also, someone else in the comments said that it is "Into The Dark" by Sebastian Larsson -- -- but that doesn't seem to be true.) Does PewDiePie use classical music in any of his other videos: either as background or a/the focus?


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