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Pewdiepie Boss
Pewdiepie boss.jpg
Political Info
AffiliationFake Joergen

Evil Sven

Fake Watersheep

(dark acolytes)
Episodic Info
AppearancesMINECRAFT EPIC Part 26
RoleFelix's evil clone Main Antagonist For Part 26

PewDiePie Boss is a boss PewDiePie summoned and fought in episode 26 of MINECRAFT EPIC.


The boss was added in a datapack created by McMakistein. It can be summoned by placing four redstone torches on a diamond block, naming a nether star "PewDiePie" and dropping it along with a sword (difficulty will change depend on the sword's material) on the diamond block. During the fight, it will unleash Fake Joergen, Evil Sven and Fake Watersheep to help defeat the player. After being defeated, it will drop PewDiePie headphones, a PewDiePie costume, PewDiePie Bro Bazooka and the PewDiePie chair.  


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