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This page lists the definitions for terms that PewDiePie uses or used to use, so that new or inexperienced users and viewers can identify the terms.

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Word Definition
Barrel Literally a barrel, that when found in games, will be shouted at due to PewDiePie's hatred for barrels. Barrels have come to be known as PewDiePie's main enemies.

The Bro/Bro

Could refer to an enemy in the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent, but usually used to refer to an individual fan in PewDiePie's fan base.
Bro Army The name for PewDie's collective fan base.
Brofist or Brofisting An activity that Bros engage in upon greeting each other (similar to a handshake), and an activity Pewdie, himself, displays at the end of his videos but since 2016 has only been displayed during the end of serious videos or gameplay walkthrough videos.
CutiePie PewDiePie's girlfriend
LWIAY Last Week I Asked You
Marzipans The name for CutiePie's collective fan base.
Nine-year Olds A nickname for PewDiePie supporters
PewDie A nickname for PewDiePie, also his original account. PewDiePie was made because he lost his password to 'pewdie', but then remembered it again.
Pewds A nickname for PewDiePie
poops A nickname for PewDiePie
T-Gay A nickname for T-Series