PewDiePie vs Cocomelon began on June 2020. Pewdiepie said, "Once the battle is started, you will suffer Cocomelon". So the battle has begun. As of December 12 2020, Cocomelon has surpassed 100 million subscribers. Because of their insane growth, they grow by more than 2 million subscribers monthly.

What is Cocomelon? The YouTube channel on track to pass PewDiePie

Cocomelon is an animated kids program that has seemingly come out of nowhere to become the most viewed channel on YouTube in the United States. Here is how a Netflix nursery rhyme show might soon pass PewDiePie and T-Series in subscribers.

During his June 1 upload, YouTube's biggest individual content creator PewDiePie was stunned after learning about Cocomelon, a channel that could soon pass him and T-Series in subscribers. The Swede was blown away by their meteoric numbers.

"They manage to get more views in 10 videos than the population of the Earth," he exclaimed. The program actually launched in 2006, and only recently found success. Here is how a kids' show could soon be the top creator on the Google-owned platform.

What is Cocomelon?

The channel was created in 2006 by Treasure Studio, Inc., just a year after YouTube made its public debut. Originally, it was named ThatsMEonTV, and featured music videos aimed at teaching kids the alphabet. In 2016, they began to use their Pixarsequele 3D animation art style they have become known for.

Despite having an account for over a decade, it wasn't until later that year that they finally reached one million subscribers. However, it was from 2017-2019 that they truly saw an explosion in growth. Starting in August 2018, they began to pull in three million subscribers a month.

Insane growth

The numbers for the children's' program is astonishing. According to third-party tracking site Social Blade, Cocomelon went from 46 million subscribers in May 2019, to 84 million at the beginning of June 2020.  Their views were no doubt helped by streaming giant Netflix, who acquired their show in 2020.

It should be pointed out that third-party tracking sites are never 100% reliable, and YouTube has taken steps to obscure live subscriber counts. However, PewDiePie gained roughly around 11 million in the same time frame that Cocomelon brought in close to 40 million.

Infamously in 2019, the Swede found himself in a showdown between him and T-Series for the top spot on the platform. After the entire community rallied behind him with the 'subscribe2pewdiepie' campaign, he eventually lost to the India-based corporation who went on to reach 161 million subscribers,

During his June 1 upload, he jokingly reached out to his former rival after learning about the childrens' channel's insane growth. "We need to join forces to defeat this evil! They are gonna take over both of us,unless we join forces," he laughed.

While it's impossible to know if Cocomelon's growth will continue to be consistent, at their current rate they will possibly pass PewDiePie by 2021. And eventually even mega-corporation T-Series will be unseated from the top spot.

Even if that eventually happens, the Swede shouldn't feel so bad as he's still the undisputed individual content creator king, with a staggering 109 million subscribers. For one person, that isn't so bad.

PewDiePie calls T-Series to Join Forces

PewDiePie has called on T-Series to ‘join forces’ with him as children’s nursery rhyme channel CocoMelon looks set to overtake both of them in subscribers. We never thought the day would come. The YouTuber discovered that the channel was receiving around 69 million views per day, in comparison to PewDiePie’s 9 million. CocoMelon currently has 105.6 million subscribers and is growing rapidly, while PewDiePie has a following of 109 million and T-Series is currently at 176 million.

The channel pairs bright animations with songs for kids and has been on YouTube since 2006. Its most popular video has a whopping 2.6 billion views, with the eight top videos racking up views of more than a billion. ‘They can’t keep getting away with it!’ PewDiePie – real name Felix Kjellberg – joked before saying: ‘T-Series, please. We need to join forces to defeat this evil. They’re going to take over both of us unless we join forces. I’m joking of course. But still, am I? ‘What is it that CocoMelon does that makes it so goddamn popular? If you look at their channel, it’s pretty incredible, not gonna lie. Their most popular videos, almost 10 of them, have over a billion [views]. A billion! How is that even possible?’ Considering what CocoMelon has that he doesn’t, Felix pointed out: ‘Nightmare fuel’, and ‘a minute mark in the corner for parents that can’t figure out how to read the bottom of the corner’.PewDiePie went on to describe the channel as ‘a slight threat, but they have not won yet,’ before clarifying that he’s ‘not going down that route again’ after the T-Series battle. The subscriber battle between PewDiePie and T-Series had viewers enthralled last year, with the Indian record label beating the Swedish YouTuber and overtaking him in subscribers. It later became the first channel to reach 100 million subscribers on YouTube. Felix had previously held YouTube’s most-subscribed spot for a record-breaking five years.


He feud between T-Series and PewDiePie was one of the more bizarre dust-ups between content creators within the last few years. When it first looked as though T-Series would surpass Pewds in the number of subscribers, PewDiePie began to fiercely campaign against T-Series. Now, it appears as though PewDiePie is considering extending the Indian music corporation an olive branch. The sole purpose of this team up would be to overtake the children's YouTube channel called Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes. No, really.

The Cocomelon YouTube channel, for those unaware, began life back in 2006 under the name ThatsMEonTV. The goal of the channel's programming was to release educational and musical children's entertainment. It started small, with videos trickling out with several months in between uploads. Over the first seven years of the channel's existence, it primarily focused on alphabet songs.

According to a report from Dexerto, the channel's subscriber count suddenly jumped up in 2016, when it began to release content in a 3D animation style reminiscent of Pixar movies. Within three years, the channel began to pull in more monthly view counts than PewDiePie, which is no easy feat.

The channel's subscriber count is also growing at a larger rate than T-Series'. In a recent video uploaded to his own channel, PewDiePie watches a clip analyzing Cocomelon's exponential growth within the last few years. He comes to learn that the channel increased its number of views by nearly 20% in just the last 30 days, while T-Series managed a 0.3% increase in views during the same time frame. This leads the analyst to announce that Cocomelon is on track to beat both PewDiePie and T-Series' subscriber numbers in the next 14 months.

As PewDiePie was astonished to discover in a recent video, some of Cocomelon's YouTube channel does indeed have over 90 million subscribers. This has led to PewDiePie telling his formal rival T-Series to let bygones be bygones.

"They can't keep getting away with it," he says of Cocomelon. "T-Series: peace. We need to join forces to defeat this evil! They are gonna take over both of us, unless we join forces. I am joking, of course. But still... am I?"

In a hilarious moment, Pewds imagines what a collaboration between the two camps would actually be like. "Indian nursery rhymes, with a... sprinkle of PewDiePie. We'll be unstoppable," he jokes.

Afterwards, he notes how impressive it is that the channel is doing so well. He points out that more than ten of Cocomelon's videos have racked up more than one billion views, which is no mean feat. He takes this as his cue to start making notes of the different ways that Cocomelon approaches its videos. He points out that each video has a minute marker in the top corner to show how long each video is. He also pokes fun at the "nightmare fuel" images in each thumbnail, telling viewers that he can do that, too.

PewDiePie begins talking a big game towards Cocomelon, but eventually seems to realize how close he's coming to repeating the fiasco between him and T-Series. "I feel like I'm doing the same thing here, where I'm literally just making dumb unironic jokes against a company. But we've already seen how that went, so I'm not going down that road again," he says.

It's worth mentioning how much things have seemingly changed between PewDiePie and T-Series since their whole goofy feud subsided. Pewds and his fanbase launched a campaign to try to secure Pewds' spot as the most-subscribed channel on YouTube. This included a video in which fellow streamer JackSepticEye threatened to delete his channel if enough people didn't subscribe to PewDiePie.

Things got a bit out of hand when PewDiePie released a diss track aimed at T-Series called "B*tch Lasagna." This song and accompanying music video were seen as offensive by T-Series, who issued PewDiePie a cease and desist order. Pewds also ran into issues with fans making racist and vulgar comments toward T-Series. As he explained the time, "This is not what I'm about, and I know this isn't what my fan base is about either." And so, after dropping one more comedic music video for the road, PewDiePie admitted defeat and allowed T-Series to seize the top spot without a fight. Despite the fact that PewDiePie passed 100 million subscribers last year, T-Series continues to outpace him in numbers. Still, if the first individual YouTuber to pass 100 million and the mighty T-Series channel joined forces, who's to say how powerful they could become? Even though it's highly unlikely, it's amazing to wonder what a collaboration between the two would even look like.

Diss Track

On the LWIAY episode "I Hate Kids" uploaded on February 8, 2021, PewDiePie announced a diss track against Cocomelon the following weekend. On February 14, 2021, PewDiePie released the disstrack and it was titled "Coco". The diss track was marked as the "finale" of the war. But just four days after the video was uploaded, on 18 February, YouTube removed it for having "violated the Terms of Service". However, as of 19 February 2021, the original song as well as official instrumental and acapella versions are available on Spotify.

Possible Third Subscriber War

Although Cocomelon is growing rapidly, there is another channel not to far behind growing in subs even faster named SET India who is gaining less views, but gaining 20% more subscribers. Their sub count of 90 million is quickly climbing up to a threat to PewDiePie, and could also pass Cocomelon in 2022. Their videos consist of Sony Entertainment India TV shows and episodes which several of them are uploaded to the channel every day. There is no statement or speculation for if PewDiePie will in fact do anything to also fight SET India as it is on track to hit 100 million subscribers by April 2021, as he has never even mentioned the channel and possibly won't do anything to stop them.

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