Babba "Pewdie"
Biographical info
Gender Male
Residence Bethlehem
Miscellaneous info
Appearances The You Testament
For the YouTuber, see PewDiePie.

Pewdie is a character in The You Testament. Pewdie's name was originally "Babba," but PewDiePie changed it to "Pewdie." He also maxed out the height for Pewdie, while creating the character, at 11 feet, 0 inches. Pewdie's hometown is Bethlehem.

Originally Pewdie's age was going to be 70 years. However, after his height was maxed out it was brought back down to 40 years. Pewdie's role is a "Guard." The build and demeanor of Pewdie were "Chubby" and "Angry." The strength and ability of the character were placed at 85% and 75%.

At one point, Pewdie was arrested for insurrection and a jury had to choose to save either Pewdie or Kanye, a character in the game accused of assault. The jury decided to spare Pewdie.

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