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Biographical info
Species Pig
Gender Male
Residence Brennenburg Castle
Political info
Affiliation PewDiePie
Miscellaneous info
Appearances Amnesia
Role Companion pig
I'm pumped! I'm pumped! I'm so freaking pumped!
— Piggeh's catch phrase

Piggeh (or Piggy or occasionally Mr. Piggeh) is a good friend of PewDiePie. He speaks in a voice reminiscent of Blu Mankuma, only higher pitched. He is a perverted pig that appears sexually attracted to everyone he meets and will often rape the dead bodies around the castle, so he's pretty much a necrophilic pig version of Glen Quagmire. He has many pieces of flesh missing, but nonetheless is still a distinguishable pig with his body shape and ears. Piggeh has a lookalike named Julius, but they are certainly not the same, as Julius does not have the same pervertedness that Piggeh has. PewDiePie has stated that Julius is a douchebag in Amnesia: Abduction [Custom Story] Part 8. Piggeh is thought to have homosexual tendencies for PewDie, even though PewDie rejects him, causing him to be left with any dead body/item for him to rape whilst PewDie continues his adventures.

Piggeh has a male body and a pig-headed, Piggeh is a second antagonist monster at Condemned 2: Bloodshot.

Piggeh's catch phrase is, "Yeah! I'm pumped!" He normally uses a variety of sexual references, ranging from orgies to rape but has a warm heart and is very friendly (Overlooking the overly-sexual part). Piggeh's most used phrase is “I’m Pumped!” indicating that he’s usually very excited. When carried around, he has very fluid movements, which he likes to point out saying a variation of, "You thought I was a pig? No, I'm a snake." But, about the first time this happened Pewdiepie threw him up a bit too high and resulted in an awkward landing because, while in the air piggy's legs spread apart and piggy's genetaliat area's landed on PewDie's head/face. 

In the Amnesia Custom Story: Gary Dark Secrets, PewDie reveals that he has three friends: Rudolph, Adolf, and Gandalf. And in "I Dream" he introduced another friend named Jens and also introduced Dinner Mode.

Rudolph, one of Piggeh's friends has returned as a cameo appearance in the Half Life 2 Mod: Black Snow as a dog. He did not say anything to PewDie during this time however.

Piggeh's voice

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