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Pipé (pronounced Pee-peh) is a pipe that can be used as a weapon in Condemned: Criminal Origins and the Half Life 2 Mod: Gray. Pipé is French and has a high pitched voice.

Pipe, after killing an enemy in Grey.

Episode apperances

Pipé first appeared in episode 4 of PewDiePie's Let's Play of Condemned and immediately said "Je m'appelle Pipé" (which is french for: "My name is Pipé") the moment PewDie took it, and when asked if it was female, it replied "Oui Oui." (which is French for: Yes!)

Pipé is the raw, slightly mispressured, Swedish pronunciation of the English word "pipe", not to be confused with the actual translation which would be "rör".

Pipé has been also featured in Barrels, where she is a collectable bro.

Pipé appeared in a Fridays with PewDiePie as fanmail on the episode: BIGGEST PACKAGE EVER Pipe is also found in the second episode of Condemned: Criminal Origins, and also Pewdiepie says Pipé and Stephano are cousins