Poppy Harlow
Poppy Harlow
Biographical info
Full name Poppy Harlow
Aliases Poppy Gloria
Gender Female
Political info
Affiliation Pew News
Occupation Journalist (news anchor)
Miscellaneous info
Appearances Pew News
Role Journalist working at Pew News
Poppy Harlow

Poppy Harlow is one of the news anchors that appears on PewDiePie's show, Pew News. Her first appearance is in the PewDiePie video titled "MEMES WILL GET BANNED!" on June 16th, 2018. She was introduced after PewDiePie realized that Gloria Borger is no longer an anchor with Pew News. Her new unique action is to make a popping sound with her mouth and finger, perhaps inspiring her name which is totally not copied from an existing news anchor.

She displayed jealously and hatred towards fellow news anchor Gloria Borger during the PewDiePie Pew News episode titled "TANACON GOT CANCELLED," harshly calling her a "Skank." Also, she was most likely loved more than Gloria Borger.

Ever since Gloria Borger returned working in Pew News as its main host starting back in September 10th, 2018, Harlow's role as the regular presenter was given back to Borger in her unexpected return. Harlow has barely shown to most of the following episodes throughout the end of 2018, though a news anchor by the name of "Poppy Gloria" has been temporarily hosting the news show, in some of Borger's absences. It is unknown whether "Poppy Gloria" was an alias to either Harlow or Borger, or she's an entirely different person.

Although despite her frequent absence of appearing within the show since Borger returned, Harlow has recently returned as a host in the Pew News episode titled "jAMES cHARLES oPSIE, SHane = OP{SIE, ROBLOX ADMITS OPSIE WOAH!", which aired in February 18th, 2019. In the episode, Harlow has once more been calling herself as "Poppy Gloria" at some parts during the episode, most likely confirming that the latter was truly just an alias frequently used by Harlow herself.


She has short blonde hair with a cap with a fake stubble. Poppy wears a white shirt. (appearance will probably change by next time.)