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A design for a PewDiePie t-shirt

Ruben is a common enemy in Afraid of Monsters and Grey. PewDiePie named him in part eight of Afraid of Monsters. He appears as an easter egg in Cry of Fear, made specifically for PewDie. He is a disembodied head with what appears to be a hand coming out of his mouth.

It attacks by jumping towards the player 's face, causing low damage.


One of many Rubens in PewDuckPie

Ruben reappeared in 'THE ULTIMATE RAGE.' in August 2014 in the game PewDuckPie, where a lot of Rubens were used as enemies. They were identified as Ruben by Pewds himself.


  • Sometimes, in DOOM 3, PewDie calls the possessed marines Ruben, whether they are related or not is unknown.
  • In Five Nights At Freddy's PewDiePie named Bonnie the Bunny to Ruben.

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