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Ruben's mom in A.O.M.

Ruben's mom is the monster from Cry of Fear commonly known as "The Faster". There are two variants of this enemy, one of them being Ruben's mom (and the other is Ruben's dad).

She emits piercing screams and attacks by stabbing and slashing with two blade-like appendages, similar to jousting spears. She makes a distinct metallic sound when walking due to these same appendages replacing its legs and prefers to scare PewDie by breaking down doors when he comes close.

Sometimes, when at a safe vantage point, PewDie will ironically look at her and say sexual comments, much like he does with other monsters.

Other encounters

She was first encountered in Afraid of Monsters as a monster called the Bleeding Spectre. She was a floating head that fired an energy wave of sorts.

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