— Santa Claus when he makes his elves run
Santa Claus
Santa Claus
Biographical info
Gender Male
Relative(s) Unknown
Miscellaneous info
Appearances Happy Wheels
Amnesia Christmas Special
Role Playable Character (in Happy Wheels)
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The figure of Christmas, Santa Claus is occasionally played by PewDiePie in Happy Wheels.

Happy Wheels

PewDie sometimes yells "Run you little shits!" or more often "Run, you dirty peasants!" to the elves pulling the sleigh. PewDie also comments on Santa Claus whenever he sees him in a map. He is also known to use 'Santy Power' to avoid certain hazards and is often followed by the infamous 'Santy Frontflip' (not to be confused with Irresponsible Dad's 'Frontflip' technique) His last surviving elf is always named Rufus.

Amnesia Christmas Special

In the Amnesia Christmas Special," Santa is voiced by PewDiePie and can be heard giving orders to the elves while PewDie and Stephano are exploring his workshop. Saint Nick is, unfortunately, killed by a Bro in his workshop that wanted to take over Christmas. I like beans.

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