Scare PewDiePie is a YouTube Red exclusive American horror-comedy show starring PewDiePie. Scare PewDiePie also starred Seán McLoughlin from JackSepticEye, in season 2 titled "Scare PewDiePie: Multiplayer" as the villain of the season and both of the seasons were produced by Skybound Entertainment and Maker Studios. 20 Episodes total were filmed in September 2015 and November 2016 in Los Angeles, California. The show was unfortunately canceled before the second season would make its debut. During the recording of both seasons, Felix made LA Vlogs. PewDiePie employed more than 100 people on Scare PewDiePie which gave people a job, and a possible boost in acting careers.


No. Title Episode length Original episode date Link Guests
1 "Level 1 – Let's Play Doctor" 23:16 February 10, 2016 N/A
2 "Level 2 – We're Not Alone" 18:34 February 17, 2016 Mark Fischbach from Markiplier
3 "Level 3 – Hello Timmy" 15:32 February 24, 2016 N/A
4 "Level 4 – Time to Die Mr. Pie" 17:25 March 2, 2016 N/A
5 "Level 5 – Please Enjoy Your Stay" 21:31 March 9, 2016 N/A
6 "Level 6 – The Ultimate Hang" 18:45 March 16, 2016 MatPat from Game Theory, and Arin Hanson from Game Grumps
7 "Level 7 – I'm Not Crazy (Outlast IRL Gameplay)"(YouTube Red Free Episode) 20:44 February 10, 2016 N/A
8 "Level 8 – Call of Pewdie" 17:33 March 23, 2016 N/A
9 "Level 9 – Naughty Pie" 14:54 March 30, 2016 N/A
10 "Level 10 – Game Over" 15:34 April 6, 2016 Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla from Smosh

Behind the scenes of Scare PewDiePie's season 1 can be found on Marzia and Felix's 2015 LA Vlogs, David Storrs's Twitter, and BEHIND THE SCENES FOR THE MAKING OF SCARE PEWDIEPIE.

Scare PewDiePie: Multiplayer

The LA vlogs taken titled "Birdabo" and "LA Diary" shows some of the behind the scenes of the second season.

the second Birdabo vlog shows the behind the scenes of what is suggested to be the first episode of the season shows Tyler Scheid one of Markiplier's friends and Markiplier himself. PewDiePie said that Markiplier ate pig testicles on the show.

In the fourth episode of Birdabo, PewDiePie gets covered in blood and is shown to have done a Scare PewDiePie episode with Ethan and Hila Klein of H3H3. Ethan on an episode on his podcast called "H3 Podcast" with Ian Hecox told a story about how he had a panic attack on set.

In the sixth episode of Birdabo, PewDiePie gets covered in something which might be shit and the guest of the episode is CinnamonToastKen who may have done something in the episode because in one of Ken's LA vlogs during the time Felix says he hates him.

In the ninth episode of Birdabo, PewDiePie gets a weird mustache and the guest of Scare PewDiePie is CaptainSparklez. In the vlog Jordan is in a turkey suit but a guy named Jay Lawrence who worked with Maker Studios and now is a YouTuber called "JayLaw" shows a picture of what seems the two covered in food and the episode was based off the game "Overcooked".

In the eleventh episode of Birdabo, PewDiePie and the guest of the episode Anthony Padilla wear Mexican bandit-like clothing based off the game Sunset Riders.

In the thirteenth episode of Birdabo, PewDiePie says that this episode of Scare PewDiePie would feature Luzu, would be set in a prison, and be based off the game "Uncharted".
Scare pewdiepie 2 poster
Jessica Nigri would post a picture of herself and Felix together on Twitter both wearing japanese school girl outfits and then JayLaw posted a picture of Felix in the same costume saying that it was from a episode of Scare PewDiePie based off the game "Yandere Simulator".

There is footage online of Scare PewDiePie: Multiplayer behind the scenes by Maddie Santillan. One noteworthy piece of footage in there includes Felix with Jack in a race to take a remote to explode the other's head and that way they win but Felix exploded his own head then he exploded Jack's. The original poster of the clip deleted it but reposts of footage 1 and 2 still exist. There is also posts tagged with #kickthepj which could mean that KickThePJ was in the season 2.

PewDiePie in his return video says that JackSepticEye is the villain of the show and that they recorded trailers together where they would fight and ride motorcycles. They also recorded the finale where they were racing on a stage. JayLaw used some of the footage in a video but pixelated it and used the footage of them on bicycles in two images.

In a video where PewDiePie talks about people talking about his hair he says that in his apartment he is shooting Scare PewDiePie: Game Over ( whether or not this is a different show was confirmed by Ryan Warner who also said that the show was planned to be filmed during January 17, 2017, to February 17, 2017. ) and then shows a bright colored set. JayLaw in a YouTube video used some footage of PewDiePie, KickThePj, and Emma Blackery on the set.

The second season was supposed to come out on March 9, 2017, but was cancelled due to anti-semitic controversy.

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