Scott Shelby
Scott-shelby heavyrain1.jpg
Biographical info
Gender Male
Political info
Nationality Caucasian-American
Occupation Private Detective
Miscellaneous info
Appearances Heavy Rain
Role Protagonist

Scott Shelby is one of the four protagonists in Heavy Rain.

Shelby is a former police officer and marine who suffers from asthma. He is currently working as a private investigator conducting an investigation into the Origami Killer. His partner throughout the latter part of the game is Lauren Winter, the mother of the Origami Killer's second latest victim, Johnny Winter. He is played, voiced by, and modeled after Sam Douglas. It was also later revealed that Scott Shelby was the Origami Killer.

In the last few episodes of PewDiePie's commentary playthrough, Scott is later revealed to be the Origami Killer. He is killed by falling into a grinder after fighting either Norman Jayden or Madison Paige.

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