Snails (Slithering Ruins)

Snails (officially known as Slithering Ruin), are a form of ruin enemies fought by Pewdiepie during Alice: Madness Returns. It is believed that they are part of the Barrel Army, and are known to constantly try to touch Alice Liddell on her breasts, which is a typical trait of the perverted Barrels.


The Snails first appeared in Pewdiepie's third walkthrough for Alice: Madness Returns, after the game was voted the most by the Bros. They first began to attack Pewdie/Alice after they approached the giant stone statue of Alice, which was "crying" black ooze, after they arrived in Wonderland. They dripped down from the stone Alice's eyes, and began crawling towards Pewdie/Alice, which caused him to taunt them about how slow they were while he shot them with The Duchess' Pepper Grinder and slashed at them with the Vopal Blade. After that, Snails began to spawn with other black ooze creatures, and hid in boxes and jugs, attacking Pewdie/Alice after they broke them open to get the teeth inside.


  • Later in the series, they were then referred to as "Slugs". Pewdiepie didn't understand why they could be referred to as either as they could jump.
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