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DEEEP with Sven’s BF
BornAugust 12, 2019, PewDiePie's Farm
Relative(s)Sven (father)
Sven's BF (father, deceased) Alabama (child)
Political Info
Residence Broland
  • Sven's Son
  • Pewdiepie's Third Pet Wolf
Episodic Info
RoleSven's son/Heir to the throne

DEEEP (formerly known as "Svenson") is a wolf and member of the Sven Family that PewDiePie tamed in MINECRAFT EPIC on the 27th episode.

He is the son of Sven and Sven's BF.

Biography your peepee

Since when Sven dies the whole Minecraft series dies, Pewds' fans wanted Sven to have a child so his legacy continues on.


"Svenson" was born during the wedding of Sven and Sven's BF. This makes his birthday: August 11th.

All of Pewds' alive pets watched this happen because they were all invited to The Wedding.

Death and Reincarnation

"Svenson" was found under IKEA TOWER with Dark Joergen, Bengt and Sven, being placed by the Council of Beet, But suddenly, the council sets the TNT and blows up IKEA Tower, killing Dark Joergen and someone else. It is currently unknown who was the second victim.

His reincarnation took place in Episode 36 where PewDiePie went back to an old save file and killed the Council of Beet member before he could kill anyone, "Svenson" and his friends celebrated PewDiePie's birthday

New Life as DEEEP

After Pewds came back to Minecraft in episode 39, he didn't remember the name of Svenson, so he renamed him DEEEP. At the end of the episode, DEEEP and Sven (dog) frick and have a child together. PewDiePie named him Alabama. Felix has since seemed to hate DEEEP for what happens and has looked down on him since


Note: DEEEP had not been given a voice, so the following are quotes of PewDiePie talking to, or about him.

"He's so cute, look at him" (Pewds admiring DEEEP as he is born)

"His face is so big" (Pewds realizing how big babies' heads are when they're born.)


  • He is given the green collar since his parents' collar colors are blue and yellow; when these colorus are mixed together, they form the coloru green.
  • When Felix put both Sven BF and DEEEP on the Redstone-powered bouncing pad, Sven BF was killed, but DEEEP survived, which led many fans to believe that DEEEP inherited Sven's immortal genes.