Takuro is one of the characters whom is friends with Hiroshi in the game The Ao Oni. He is noted for his better
Tak avatar

Takuro's fanart

appearance compared to the other characters, and he has the qualities of the leader of the group of four.

Like Hiroshi, he wishes to escape and wishes to help the others. Takuro is the last person to become an Ao Oni (unless you die, of course) in the game, version 6.0 (and many other versions). When confronted with the Ao Oni problem he takes immediate action; however, after becoming vulnerable, he hides out. On the japanese version of The Ao Oni, in a scene,

Tak avatar 6

Takuro's in-game appearance in the message board

his head was eaten by "The Evil Oni."

He is believed by some fans of Ao Oni to be Mika's boyfriend, as she refuses to leave the mansion without him.

At first, PewDie mistakes Takuro for a girl, but is soon corrected by his Bros.


Takuro Oni

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