The Naked Twins
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Biographical info
Aliases The Brothers
Gender Males
Residence Mount Massive Asylum
Political info
Affiliation Father Martin
Nationality Americans
Miscellaneous info
Appearances Outlast
Role Formely antagonists
Actor/Actress Older Twin (Neil Napier)
Young Twin (Alain Goulem)

The Naked Twins are formely antagonists of the horror game Outlast.


Pewdiepie first encounters the Naked Twins in "Outlast walkthrough part 3-I'M NOT A LITTLE PIG" .They are completely naked,they are talking about killing the player and they suggested to take his tongue and his liver.Pewds is extremely distrustful to them as he mentions that he trusts everyone on the game but not the naked guys and puts the nickname of "The Gay Couple".They began to attack the player on a shower room of the asylum but Pewds escaped.Before Pewds gets to the Female Ward,he went to a room and the twins were there and they tried to hunt him down but Pewds hid in a lighted room.When Pewds got the key to the 3rd floor of the asylum,the young twin got in the cinema to kill him and after Pewds escaped the cinema,the older twin guards the 1st floor where Pewds was to find the key,he insults him very much,goes near him and he kills the player.When Pewds reached a church where Father Martin was held on a cross,he discorvers the twins guarding the entrance of the church,he closes the doors after he got in as he still distrust them.When Father Martin was burned to death,Pewds goes to the twins and insults them,even though they become peaceful to Miles and leaves them.

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