The Barricade in rue Saint-Maur-Popincourt after the attack by General Lamoricière's troops, Monday 26 June 1848

The Barricade in rue Saint-Maur-Popincourt after the attack in Fighting PewDiePie vs T-Series during the Great Subscriber War

This is a list of timelines of events over the period of the Great Subscriber War, as well as the prelude to the war.

Main timelines

Beginning of the war     


January 12, 2018: TheTekkitRealm uploads a video titled "The New YouTube Award for 100 million Subscribers... what is it?". In this video, he talks about T-Series; this is the first sign of a battle.

January 27, 2018: T-Series becomes the second most subscribed channel on YouTube.

August 2, 2018: Pyrocynical uploads a video titled "THIS CHANNEL WILL OVERTAKE PEWDIEPIE (ASOT)".

August 29, 2018: PewDiePie uploads a video titled "THIS CHANNEL WILL OVERTAKE PEWDIEPIE (LWIAY #46)". This video has the same thumbnail as Pyrocynical's. This is the first time PewDiePie himself mentioned T-Series.


PewDiePie ceasefire attempt (Aug–Dec 2018)

T-Series most-subscribed (Jan–April 2019)


April 29, 2019: The Nine Year Olds celebrate IPD (International PewDiePie Day), which used to be a "Subscribe To PewDiePie" event, but after the end of the war it became a "Thank You PewDiePie" event. Thus the subscriber gap continues to increase in favour of T-Series. Also, that same day, a plane flew over New York City with a banner attached saying “Subscribe to PewDiePie”, PewDiePie said that the event was "a nice little wrap up" to the Subscribe to PewDiePie meme.

May 4 2019: Indians react to Bitch Lasagna and Congratulations and found out it wasn't offensive at all.

May 6 2019: General Ninja calls out T-Series of taking legal action in the war. Thus T-Series is further mocked and hated. T-Series memes are everywhere.

May 18 2019: PewDiePie realizes that T-Series is irrelavant.

May 29, 2019: T-Series finally surpasses 100 million subscribers, one month after the war formally ends.

June 15, 2019: This is the last time PewDiePie has mentioned T-Series

August 4, 2019: T-Series passes Music to be the most-subscribed channel on YouTube.

Minor events

February 12, 2018: Toastednoodle uploads a video titled "My Absolute WORST Fears," saying that PewDiePie's fear is T-Series after someone argued PewDiePie has no fear. He said everyone has fears and that hinted at a Great Subscriber War.

August 24, 2018: PinkSheep uploads a video titled "BIGGEST YOUTUBE CHANNEL YOU'VE NEVER HEARD OF... (2,000,000,000 views a month)". In this video, he talks about what T-Series is, and he mentions that T-Series will surpass PewDiePie in subscribers soon.

September 20, 2018: Zeino uploads a video titled ""How to Fix the "T-Series vs PewDiePie" Situation"". In this video, Zeino supports PewDiePie; he says that individual creators are under attack.

December 1, 2018: Jacksfilms tweets "Subscribed to T-Seriesn't". The n't negates T-Series, so he means "Subscribe to PewDiePie".

December 2, 2018: ExplodingTNT uploads a video titled "100,000 TNT vs PewDiePie & T-Series". PewDiePie survived and T-Series got blown up.

December 3, 2018: BrainChow makes a video Pewdiepie & T-Series l Whom are we supporting? They support PewDiePie.

December 14, 2018: CinemaWins uploads a video titled "Everything GREAT About YouTube Rewind 2018!" which shows a black screen with text saying "Subscribe to PewDiePie".

December 22,2018: FootOfAFerret said "Subscribe To PewDiePie" at the end of the Video titled "Why YouTube 2018 Went Wrong".

December 23, 2018: akidearest releases "I used Google Translate to text my boyfriend" in which she texts her boyfriend in Japanese "subscribe to PewDiePie, unsubscribe to T-Series". The message was clearly also directed to her subscribers to subscribe to PewDiePie.

December 29, 2018: PewDiePie reads 721 books.

December 31, 2018: PewDiePie hosts the first annual meme awards.

January 3, 2019: Saiman Says makes an honest reaction of the CarryMinati Disstrack "Bye Pewdiepie" and exposes that CarryMinati secretly supported PewDiePie. Also, on the same day, PressTube makes a video Casting ALUMINUM YOUTUBE REWIND PLAYBUTTON PewDiePie & T-Series vs SHREDDING MACHINE PewDiePie won and T-Series got shredded. PressTube shows his support for PewDiePie and says that he likes T-Series but likes PewDiePie more.

January 19, 2019: CiaranPixelz makes a video that called attention of both gamers and furries to subscribe to PewDiePie

January 21, 2019: Isaiah Photo makes a video that helped PewDiePie

January 26, 2019: OverseerMatthew makes a diss track

☀️ that helped PewDiePie

also TheRichest made a less than biased video spporting PewDiePie here

Garrett burns pictures of T-Series.

February 3, 2019: Artur Rehi tells people to subscribe to PewDiePie on this video

Neon Man told people to Subscribe to T-Series on YouTube. this video

February 6, 2019: Salil Jamdar & Co. tells people to Subscribe to T-Series on this video.

February 8, 2019, British Priest reacts to Bitch Lasagna to see reaction. click the link below to see description

February 10, 2019: The Leg Man Kicks t-series actively promoting PewDiePie and that was made into a meme

also Overseer Matthew told comrade Avery Lopez-Baines to subscribe too pewdiepie and Kim Jong-Un puts Avery Lopez-Baines in his Featured channels promoting a PewDiePie supporter.

Kim Jong-Un's channel

February 19, 2019: greenlegocats urges people to Subscribe to PewDiePie which helped the Gap increase. Lenny.mp4 starts the February revolution in Sweden to ban T-Series in Swedish territory. The revolution is still going on to this day!

Somewhere in Feburary

KSI reacts to memes to help pewdiepie beat T-Series

March 7, 2019: Nicklas Zande STVS TDP est. 2001 officially declares war on T-Series via Twitter:

March 12. 2019: Thomas Brush releases "ZeroDeaths" an entire video game giving awareness to the war:

April 1, 2019: Kwebbelkop made a video saying "Subscribe to PewDiePie" for 24 hours while adding comments such as "I hate T-Series" and such viewed by 415k users.

April 5, 2019: Fine Brothers Entertainment released a reaction video to PewDiePie's video "Congratulations" viewed by 5.5M users, and caused an anomaly of 20k subscribers. (19,960 ± 0.003%, prediction with exponential function data April 1st - 5th)
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