Timmy (on left)
Biographical info
Aliases Justin Bieber
Big Letdown
F**king Disgrace
Gender Male
Relative(s) Irresponsible Dad (father)
Irresponsible Mom (mother)
Miscellaneous info
Appearances Happy Wheels
Role Irresponsible Dad's son
Synchronized dance, yeah!
— Timmy, while performing synchronized dancing

Timmy, is a name given by PewDiePie for the son of Irresponsible Dad. The Timmy character speaks in high-pitched voice and is portrayed as a homosexual who listens to Justin Bieber, synchronize dances with his father, and constantly try to make his dad proud. Timmy is usually hated by Irresponsible Dad, as the dad's most famous words is "I DON'T CARE!"

During certain stages, Timmy is thrown off the bike and down to wherever he is falling to, often as a test dummy to see what dangers lie ahead of Irresponsible Dad.

Although he loves him, in some episodes when Irresponsible Dad falls of the bike, Timmy rapes him and forces him to a blowjob.

At one Point, tired of abuse, and his arm was dangling from a vine, Timmy slapped and kicked his father in revenge.

Whenever there are more than one Timmy, Pewdie usually makes them friends of the Real Timmy. There is no difference between Timmy and his friends. Timmy will usually say something similar to "BUT DAD! THOSE ARE MY FRIENDS!" when Irresponsible Dad tries to kill them, as well as Timmy. Rarely does PewDie say to Timmy, when he sees his friends: "DIE WITH YOUR FRIENDS YOU PUSSY" or "GO IN HELL LIKE THE REST OF YOU".

Note: It is possible that Irresponsible Mom is his mother, and that Sammy Sue is his sister.


Synchronized Dance!!
— Timmy, synchronized dancing
I'm a ketchup bottle!
— Timmy, bleeding like hell
I turned into a fountain!
— Timmy, bleeding like hell
Solo style, bitches!
— Timmy, trying to show of his "moves"
Ah! my arms!
— Timmy, ripping his arms off
— Timmy, yelling for his dad's help
I'm on my period, Dad!
— Timmy, defecating blood
Dad I love you, I did it for you!
— Timmy after winning alone
Dad! Why are you so mean to me?
— Timmy after his dad insults him
But daaaad?
— Timmy when his father throws hatred at him
I slap you! I slap you because you're a bad father!
— Timmy standing up for himself
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