Traitorous PeePee PooPoo Army
Traitors of PeePee PooPoo army
ActiveJuly 29, 2019
CountryFlag of Broland.png Broland
RoleZombie Pigmen
SizeAll pigmen died in battle or despawned
EquipmentGolden swords
Command Sergeant MajorPeePee PooPoo #4 (Currently Unknown)
Traitorous PeePee PooPoo Army
The Traitorous PeePee PooPoo was a faction of the PeePee PooPoo Army that defected from Pewdiepie's PeePee PooPoo Army just before he went to face the Wither in what was known as the Pig's Uprising.

They did this due to the fact that Pewdiepie accidentally hit one of them while attempting to extinguish a fire around them. They quickly overran Pewdiepie's base and entered his home, causing him to flee. When he returned home he was happy to realize that nearly all do them had despawned. He then proceeded to create his second batch of Pigman from the army, who stayed loyal to him throughout the Battle of Broland.

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