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Untrusted Statue

The Untrusted Statues are a gang of 'haters' that move around when Pewdiepie isn't looking, and occasionally kill him if he looks away for too long. They also jumpscare him, but it's very rare. They don't show many signs of rusting and vulnerability, despite the years they have spent in the Castle Brennenburg. In order to stop them from moving, Pewdie must exclaim "I DON'T TRUST YOU!" before throwing the head off of the statue. If there is more than one statue, he throws the first one's head onto the next ones, hoping for a "combo." Pewdie has been doing this since he first played "Amnesia: The Dark Descent".

In Ib, there are monsters that Pewdie has named Power Rangers. They are living headless statues; however, it is unknown if they are actually related to the Untrusted Statues as Pewdie himself has not drawn any connections between them.


Note:They FALCON PUNCH him in Nintendo Castle Horror