If I could control Rewind, I would want it to be... an actual Rewind.
— PewDiePie
"YouTube Rewind 2018 but it's actually good"
Part of The Youtube Civil War
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Based onYouTube Rewind 2018: Everybody Controls Rewind
Narrated byPewDiePie
Presented byPewDiePie, FlyingKitty, Grandayy and Dolan Dark
Featured musicRewind Time
Editing byPewDiePie, FlyingKitty, Grandayy and Dolan Dark
Original air dateDecember 27, 2018
Running time5:34

YouTube Rewind 2018 but it's actually good is a video that was uploaded to PewDiePie's channel on December 27, 2018, during the YouTube Civil War, as a response to the backlash of YouTube Rewind 2018. The video prominently featured popular YouTube memes throughout the year, and starred YouTubers such as Markiplier and Logan Paul. It also featured a tribute to Stan Lee, Stephen Hillenburg and Stefan Karl, who all sadly passed away in 2018.

The video was a collaboration between PewDiePie, FlyingKitty, Dolan Dark, and Grandayy. It also features the song Rewind Time which was made by Partyinbackyard. The three YouTubers each made their own rewinds containing memorable memes and moments throughout the year. Felix edited their videos together to make the best possible Rewind. He also added his own intro and outro, which parodied Will Smith's intro and outro in the original and significantly worse YouTube Rewind 2018.

YouTube Rewind 2018 but it's actually good was praised by critics, many saying that Felix's version is much superior to YouTube's, and that Felix's version is "the definitive version".


List of creators featured:

  • PewDiePie
  • Logan Paul
  • Nyannyan Cosplay
  • Markiplier
  • Anthony Fantano
  • Vsauce
  • HowToBasic
  • VoiceoverPete
  • Ninja
  • MrBeast
  • KSI
  • CaseyNeistat
  • Jake Paul
  • Phil Swift
  • Lil Tay
  • Will Smith
  • Marques Brownlee
  • Shane
  • Dr. Phil
  • FouseyTUBE
  • Tana Mongeau
  • Ben Shapiro
  • Orange Shirt Kid
  • Pyrocynical

List of memes featured (in order of appearance):

List of events featured:

The Video

YouTube Rewind 2018 but it's actually good

YouTube Rewind 2018 but it's actually good

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